About Danny Myers

Danny Myers HeadshotBorn and raised in Central New York, Danny Myers is a musician and composer. Since teaching himself how to play guitar at age 14 he’s been experimenting with recording at home, in the studio with Grammy-award winning producers and engineers, and playing with local groups. Danny has played and recorded with Johanna Kiley, Melody Calley, and others. As a solo artist, Danny spends most of his time writing and recording music in his home studio but is looking for opportunities to play live.

Danny has a love for arranging covers of artists’ work, as well as composing his own songs. Some of his instrumentals and covers from his side project, the reckless regard. can be found here. His style can be defined as alternative music mixed with down-tempo instrumentals. His influences range from Beck, The Beatles and Elvis Costello to zero 7 and Weezer.

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